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Manhattan Solar Partners is your solution for rising electrical pricing, brownouts, rural power solutions, sustainability and BTM projects.  MSP is primarily focused on de-regulated markets.  We develop, build and maintain solar facilities with the goal of providing a path to vertically integrated, economic, sustainable and reliable energy solutions.  MSP builds facilities adjacent to your load needs with a phased approach starting with as generated power to reduce TDSP charges and hedge power costs.  This initial system can be constructed and running within 1 year of PPA.  MSP provides continued growth from there depending on customers needs providing BESS solutions as well as partnership solutions to generate to the grid.

These systems allow for more facility uptime, sustainable power use, off-grid opportunities in a market with growing costs and infrastructure issues. 

Reach out today and we can discuss a plan for your facility to get you started on the road to energy independence. 

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Services and Solutions

Solar Operations


MSP is building <10MW Solar Peaker Plants (SPPs) for behind the meter use.

Solar Panels on Roof


For a limited time MSP is installing Solar carports free of charge on your commercial locations

Solar Panels


MSP is able to deliver you a fully formed, turnkey project quickly and implement small solar generation project behind the meter

Solar Panels on Trees


MSP can help you identify areas to increase your solar sustainability through a comprehensive review of your companies current sustainability initiatives and programs

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Solar Panels on Trees


Simple, Sustainable, Economic Energy Cost Reduction Solution

What is an “SPP”?

  • MSP is building <10MW Solar Peaker Plants (SPPs) for behind the meter use.

  • These plants are distinct from traditional 'Peaker Plants,' they generate power as the sun shines and naturally this injection occurs during peak hours of the day. 

  • The SPP’s primary goal is to reduce customer TDU charges rather than provide supplementary power to the grid.

  • The SPPs are designed to maintain an outflow of 9.9MW of as generated AC power for over 20+ years.

  • SPPs deliver power at competitive rates, acting as a clean energy hedge against increasing electricity and transportation costs.

  • MSP supplies the land, capital, design, and resources to supply a customer with power to offset their TDU spikes, this drops the TDU charges across the board in the service area.

  • MSP requires a 10-15YR PPA with the customer and a connection point into their infrastructure (Substation can be added)

  • The SPPs take approximately 1 year to design and build at which time we will go live and supply your project with supplemental power.

  • RECs available to customers.

  • SPPs are not initially designed for battery implementation or full-time power supply but can be adopted and redesigned based on specific needs.

  • MSP is building <10MW Solar Peaker Plants (SPPs) for behind the meter use, currently focused on the West Texas Oilfield.

Manhattan Solar Partners

Manhattan Solar Partners based in Midland TX, is owned, and operated by partners with a background in Oil and Gas industry giving MSP the advantage in oilfield related, land management, economic and ecological commercial solar farm instillations. We partner with industry EPC, Power Consultants and institutional capital providers to create projects that benefit the environment and the oilfield.

USA Based and Backed

Currently MSP can offer very competitive rates due to sustainability initiatives and funds supplied by the US Government, so please respond ASAP so we can lock in your rates today.  MSP strives to source most of our parts in the USA and use all USA based capital and labor.

  All SPP projects are first come, first serve.  Call today to discuss our pricing and PPA options.

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